Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Celeb News-Kijafa Frink Is Michael Vick's Fiancee!

Kijafa Frink, Michael Vick’s fiancee, was present at Vick’s state dogfighting case today. Fiancee Kijafa Frink and Michael Vick have two children together.

Frink witnessed Vick plead guilty to state dogfighting charges in Virginia Tuesday, reportedly a needed step to expedite his return to the NFL.

Vick was reportedly given a three-year suspended sentence today.

“I want to apologize to the court, my family, and to all the kids who looked up to me as a role model”.

Frink’s living arrangements last came up during a Bankruptcy Court hearing on October 4. At that hearing, three of six homes would be sold. But Vick would keep two homes in Suffolk, one his mother lives in and one Kijafa Frink and their two children live in

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