Monday, January 17, 2011

Stupid News-Some Of The Dumbest People in the News from 2010

William Anderson of Jonesville, Virginia drove up to the department of social services in an H2 Hummer and applied for welfare.  The local sheriff became suspicious and checked the license plate. The vehicle came up as stolen and Anderson was arrested.

Frank Singleton of West Palm Beach Florida tried to carjack a woman in a jail parking lot right after he was released for an unrelated offense. He then realized that he could not drive a stick shift and was arrested while still in the parking lot.

Eloise Reaves of Hawthorne, Florida contacted police and asked them to help her get her money back because the crack cocaine she had purchased was of poor quality. She showed the police officers the crack she had purchased to prove to them that it was not worth the money she had paid for it. She was arrested for drug possession.

Demetrius Robinson of Atlanta Georgia planned to rob a local store one night. As he was waiting for the other patrons to leave, he decided to fill out an employment application. He put his real name and information on the application and police were able to easily track him down after the robbery.

Christopher Kron of Fort Myers Beach, Florida broke in to a restaurant late one night to steal merchandise. After the alarm went off, the alarm company called the restaurant. Instead of fleeing, Kron answered the phone and gave them his real name. He escaped after taking only a bottle of liquor and a beer. Kron returned to the restaurant the next day and was arrested after an employee recognized him from the surveillance tape.

Two men in Oslo, Norway decided to vandalize an elevator in a train station by kicking the doors from the inside of the elevator. The doors jammed and the fire department was called to rescue them. The two men were freed and immediately arrested for vandalism.

Randy Lewis of Bristol, Tennessee decided he was too drunk to make a beer run, so he got his 10-year-old son to drive the car. The boy crashed the vehicle doing 90 miles an hour. Lewis was arrested for reckless endangerment and child abuse. He also had a blood alcohol level of three times the state limit and cocaine in his system.

Krystian Bala of Wroclaw, Poland had gotten away with a 2003 murder until he wrote about it in his novel Amok. The murder in the book matched an unsolved crime and the police investigated. Bala was arrested and sentenced to 25 years in jail.
Charles Ray Fuller of Dallas, Texas was arrested for trying to cash a bad check. The one clue that made authorities suspicious about the check was that it was made out for 360 billion dollars.

A 27-year-old man in Beldorf, Germany showed up for his driving test with a distinctive smell of alcohol. Although he stated that he had not had a drink all day, he drove erratically and the instructor made him pull into the police station parking lot where he failed the blood test and was arrested for drunk driving.

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