Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who Are The Top 50 Women on The Web?Lady Gaga, Kesha,Shakira

Singer-fashion iconoclast Lady Gaga (real name: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) is the top-placer in COED magazine’s list of 50 most popular women on the Web.
That is not surprising, singer-actress Miley Cyrus (No.8) and actress-wannabe-singer Paris Hilton (No.9) could be slighted, as male pop-singer and every-girl’s-crush Justin Bieber has placed higher than them at number seven.
At number two is singer/songwriter/rapper Ke$ha (real name: Kesha Rose Sebert). The iconic Madonna (birth name: Louise Veronica Ciccone), age 52, remains significant in current pop culture at number three.
COED’s list was made possible through information and statistics from Google search-engine results.
The COED Top 50 list of Most Popular Women on the Web:
1 Lady Gaga
2 Ke$ha
3 Madonna
4 Beyonce
5 Rihanna
6 Britney Spears
7 Justin Bieber
8 Miley Cyrus
9 Paris Hilton
10 Avril Lavigne
11 Shakira
12 Taylor Swift
13 Angelina Jolie
14 Oprah Winfrey
15 Megan Cox
16 Jennifer Lopez
17 Mariah Carey
18 Sarah Palin
19 Jessica Simpson
20 Lindsay Lohan
21 Michelle Obama
22 Katy Perry
23 Kim Kardashian
24 Sandra Bullock
25 Christina Aguilera
26 Jessica Alba
27 Fergie
28 Pamela Anderson
29 Betty White
30 Kristen Stewart
31 Ciara
32 Hillary Clinton
33 Jennifer Aniston
34 Demi Moore
35 Heidi Montag
36 Marilyn Monroe
37 Hilary Duff
38 Ashley Tisdale
39 Katy Price
40 Vanessa Hudgens
41 Amy Winehouse
42 Carrie Underwood
43 Kelly Clarkson
44 Sarah Jessica Parker
45 Lily Allen
46: Adriana Lima
47: Tina Fey
48 Carmen Electra
49: Scarlett Johansson
50: Eva Longoria
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