Tuesday, February 15, 2011

12-year old faces expulsion for dealing jawbreakers

France - Flavien Roger will go before a disciplinary hearing after he was caught dealing Jawbreakers to pals in his lunchbreak. The pint-sized entrepreneur pocketed 28 Euros from sales before over-zealous teachers shut down his illicit enterprise. He told teachers at his French school that he hoped to buy a flat-screen TV with the profits. Flavien, who has been described as a model student , could be permanently removed if he is found guilty of trafficking lollipops. Headmaster Jean-Pierre Lahutte, who will be conducting the hearing personally, yesterday insisted he was right to take decisive action. “The problem with this is where is the limit?” he said. “If today we allow a schoolboy to sell lollipops, tomorrow what will it be, cell phones, tomatoes?” Mr Lahutte today stood by his bizarre decision – despite the fact that selling candy is not prohibited in the school rules. More… 

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