Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bodies stacked on top of each other at cemetery

Chicago - Cook County sheriff’s officials have found bodies stacked on top of each other - some buried eight at a time - at a south suburban cemetery. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart says Homewood Memorial Gardens desecrated the bodies of people who couldn’t afford to purchase burial plots. The bodies were layered as many as eight high before they began decomposing on top of one another. The cemetery’s owner says there’s nothing in his current county contract that says coffins of the indigent can’t be stacked on top of each other for burial.  He says it’s a question of economics. It costs $239 for an indigent burial.  A single plot costs $2,200 per person. He also said unidentified limbs and bones examined by law enforcement authorities were turned over to the cemetery, which simply dumped them into the coffins of babies whose parents were indigent. Sometimes, the bodies have been mixed with animal parts before being tossed into the mounds. More… 

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