Friday, April 29, 2011

Scammer targets dumb employees

Wisconsin - Mall security alerted tenants that a man describing himself as Mark Stein was trying to dupe businesses out of money. He had called Trade Secret, a beauty supply shop, and asked for the manager by name.The manager wasn’t available, so the caller told the employee that he was from the corporate office and was calling about a customer who had lost her wallet at the store. He said a wallet was turned in the prior week with $1,200 but the money was missing when the owner came to claim it. He went on to say it needed to be replaced to avoid being sued by the rightful owner. The man instructed her to gather all the money in the store, get in a taxi and meet a man described as the owner’s fiancĂ© at a McDonald’s in Milwaukee. She followed his directions and handed off more than $400 to a man. After returning to the store, the man called to tell her she did a good job and would be receiving a raise. If the store took in any more money that day, she was to deliver that, too, he added.  More  

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