Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Man tossed off flight after cursing

robert-sayeghDetroit - A Brooklyn, N.Y., man who said he was thrown off a flight at Detroit Metro Airport for cursing is considering suing the airline, calling the experience “humiliating.” Robert Sayegh had a layover after attending a cousin’s wedding in Kansas City. The 37-year-old TV producer and children’s book author said he and other passengers on Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 5136 to Newark, N.J., had been waiting at the gate for 45 minutes when he was overheard by a flight attendant telling a passenger next to him, “What’s taking so (expletive) long to close the overhead compartments?” The plane eventually taxied to the runway, but soon returned, where airport police boarded the plane and Sayegh was escorted off. More

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