Tuesday, August 23, 2011

12-year-old boy delivers his baby brother

 Victoria, British Columbia - A schoolboy says the knowledge he gleaned from medical TV shows helped him deliver his baby brother in his mother’s bedroom. Twelve-year-old Gaelan Edwards of Campbell River, B.C., had been watching his mother get bigger and bigger over the past nine months, as she waited to give birth to her fifth child. The wait ended when his mother found herself in pain. “I just felt a lot of pressure, and I was laying on my side and I rolled over onto my back,” Danielle Edwards said. Too sore to get out of bed and unable to reach the phone, Edwards quickly clued in to what was about to happen. And she called out to Gaelan, who she needed to deliver the baby. Gaelan said he relied on what he knew from TV shows that showed babies being born and he had previously read some medical books his mother kept in their home.  More 

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