Friday, September 2, 2011

 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Phil Ray Gage, 40, was arrested on a complaint of disturbing the peace after a neighbor called police to report him for mowing a lawn. But Gage said he’s been mowing in the early morning hours for 10 years, and nobody has complained before. He said when he was arrested he was in the process of finishing up mowing his neighbor’s yard. “When the officer came up to me she asked me if I knew it was illegal to mow at that time of day,” Gage said. “I thought she was cracking a joke. Then she told me to get up against the car, and she put cuffs on me.” Gage said he would have stopped mowing in the early morning hours if someone had asked him to. “I just wished he would have talked to me about it before he called the police.”  More 

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