Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cold case detectives arrest Ronald McDonald after 33 years

Reno, Nevada – Cold case detectives from the King County Sheriff’s Office arrested a suspect in a 33-year old murder case. Ronald Wayne MacDonald, 50, was arrested in Reno, Nevada and was charged with a 1978 homicide. Prosecutors asked for a bail of $2 million. The body of Arlene Roberts, an 80 year-old widow, was found in her small trailer in the Lakeshore Manor Mobile Home Park, 11448 Rainier Ave South on October 28, 1978. She lived alone, and had not been seen in several days so neighbors went to check on her. Evidence collected at the time included latent fingerprints from the crime scene Detectives realized that advances in AFIS technology now allowed prints to be entered into the system that previously may have not met the criteria for quality or detail.  more  

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