Saturday, August 20, 2011

Man Loses Python in Car Dashboard

St. Paul, Minnesota - Harris spent his first week as a snake owner tearing apart his car, trying to find Ari after she escaped. According to Harris, the snake first slithered up in the driver’s side of the dash but wound up on the passenger-side airbag before they could get her out. That’s where Bob Phan, a good friend of Harris and a skilled mechanic, comes in. “We do brakes, timing belts, suspension, transmissions — snake removal,” he said with a laugh. Phan helped remove the snake from the car, but said he was hesitant at first. “At first, I told him I didn’t want to do that,” Phan admitted. “I was pretty afraid of snakes.” So, after dismantling the dash, Phan got his first startled look at the elusive snake. As for the mechanic’s rate for snake removal, Harris says he came upon a deal. “Feed your mechanic ribs,” he said. “Ribs and good beans that your wife makes. I guarantee you, man. He’ll do anything for you.”  More  

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