Saturday, August 20, 2011

Middle school acquaintance, lifetime stalker

Seattle, Washington - Seventeen years ago, Tracy Lundeen helped Shawn Moul with his homework. She’s been paying for that kindness since. Since they met in the library of a Renton middle school 1994, Shawn Moul, a 31-year-old sex offender, has sent countless threatening letters to Lundeen, her family and friends. Having been convicted on two counts of felony stalking and 19 of violating an anti-harassment order, Moul could have been sentenced to more than two decades in prison, but the sentencing was delayed after Moul backed out of an agreement with prosecutors. Lundeen said she’s certain prison bars won’t stop his letters. Moul was last sent to prison in 2001 for sending similar letters, and threatening to kill a judge and prosecutor. He didn’t stop then, Lundeen said, and he likely won’t stop now.  More 

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